Basketball Skills Development

Building smart players, one skill at a time…

About Us


In 2009, after coaching in San Ramon City leagues for 3 years, Sergio and Randy decided to form their own group to continue the basketball skills development of the kids during the time of year when the city is not offering a basketball league.

Our kids have been in different basketball leagues, clinics and camps. We saw their great programs and the players competitiveness. However, we feel that they lack some aspects of the skills development. So, to fill those gaps, and to have something local to offer back to the community, we form the FLYIN’ J’s.

The concept started in 2009, but initial planning did not start until February of 2010. Dry runs and try outs were conducted in March and April 2010. One-on-one training started in April, and the weekly clinic officially started May 2, 2010. Two weeks of Summer day camps were done in July 2010.

In our second year (2011), our membership continued to grow. Some older players had said goodbye but a lot of new and younger players came in. But our membership has increased tremendously in 2012. We began offering our skills training to younger players as young as 6 years old.

The skills and training we provide are just part of the story. The major part of the story is that the kids are having fun learning basketball skills with their friends, and newly found friends. We can teach one kid every week, and he will learn a lot but he will not have as much fun. On the other hand, we can teach a bunch of kids, and they will learn as much (or even more because of the interactions with other kids) with the bonus of having a lot of FUN! The coaches brought the skills to share with the kids, but it was everyone who brought this community together, and spreading the word to others, that make our basketball clinic to be so much fun.

Head Coach/Director

  • Sergio Castillo

Assistant and Student Coaches

  • Ishaan Alva
  • Hari Umesh
  • Pranav K.
  • Ayush M.
  • Jonathan L.
  • Kyle N.

Former Coaches

  • Randy Masilang
  • Ramon Arellano
  • Jean Guitierrez
  • Henry Seto
  • Kurt Tahira
  • Leo Del Pilar

Former Student Coaches

  • Jethro Castillo
  • Josiah Castillo
  • Jessica Masilang
  • Justin Masilang